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Event Staff for Trade shows

Event Staff for Trade Shows in Sydney, Melbourne & all over Australia

Is that all important trade show that might make or break your product, right around the corner? One of the ways you can ensure you have a successful trade show is to hire the right kind of event staff. The importance of hiring dedicated event promotion staff is undisputed. They will be the ones to push your product against all your competitors products to make sure the product is snaring those buyers. Competent event staff will be key to bagging those deals and sealing those relationships you’ll need. The event staff is basically the face of your product, they need to be charismatic, charming, and wholly captivating. The three “C’s” if you will. These are some competitive criteria to fill but we have just the right people who can fill those shoes. At Gaston Event staffing Agency we can provide event staff you can hire for trade shows that will exceed all your expectations, assuring your spotlight on the trade floor. 

Services we provide

When you hire event staff for trade shows from Gaston Management agency we attest to handpicking our talent, providing you with only the best Australia has to offer. The company places extreme importance in choosing  diverse and unique talent who are acquired from all over Australia. Our event promotion staff is made of highly dedicated and motivated individuals who will go above and beyond to clinch those deals, gain those targeted leads, increase brand awareness and get the best out of networking. Our event staff will be highly professional, charismatic, capable talent who will increase the value of your company in the eyes of the various investors, companies and buyers on the trade floor. The hired event staff are made up of  highly trained with the specific skills required to make your particular trade shop flourish, regardless of the constraints placed. 


Gaston Event staffing agency provides you with an extensive variety of trade shop staff such as :

Brand ambassadors / Booth hostesses / Promotional models / Spokesmodels, Lead generators / Crowd gatherers / Sales representatives / Product demonstrators / M.C / Presenters / Event managers / Team leaders .

You will be able to hire event staff for trade shows anywhere in Australia, we will provide talent that suits your specific needs. Our priority is your trade booth having a successful stint on the trade floor, achieved by our event promotional staff.


Gaston Management is a flourishing name for a long time coming, providing talent in all states of Australia, ensuring national coverage for various types of events. We are passionate, loyal and relentless in our pursuit to provide the best for our customer. We will strive to deliver only the highest quality so our customers always have a competitive edge over other peers in their respective field. Choose us to choose success.