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Promo Girls

Promo Girls Melbourne & Australia wide

A point of pride for Gaston Management is its commitment to providing the most engaging and personable Promo Girls in Melbourne and indeed, all across Australia. Kim Gaston’s 28 years of experience in the industry gives her the knowhow and the contacts to source any kind of style or look of promo girls that you could require.

We only hire the best and subsequently we are recognized widely for our models’ commitment and energetic approach towards their job, no matter the company or the product, our promotional girls can be the make or break of your next campaign or event.

Gaston has a very strict screening process when selecting our models and takes into account many different factors. They are selected on the basis of their appearance, articulation, experience and their excellent communication skills. This is to ensure the highest quality of promotion and customer engagement on the day. Our attractive, well-spoken and enthusiastic promotional girls will arrive early on the day to ensure that full briefing and product training from your company is completed.

The kinds of staff that you can expect from the top promo girls agency in Melbourne have represented some of Australia’s biggest companies in a wide variety of industries. Our promo girls can assist in showcasing your products and engaging your customers in all kinds of event and campaigns such as

  • Exhibitions
  • Store sampling campaigns
  • Festivals
  • Product launches
  • Street activities

Gaston’s professional girls can really give you that leading edge against your competitor. While their product may be the same, your brand will be forever associated in their head with that pretty and funny promo girl that showed them exactly how your product worked and answered all your questions patiently and thoroughly, and that is what could tip the balance on the day. No matter how large or how small the assignment is, whether it is in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Adelaide or Perth.

Gaston Management has established itself as the leading promo girls agency Melbourne has to offer. No other agency in the wider Melbourne area can offer the same caliber of promo girls. Our girls are simply the best available in the industry and are sure to exceed your expectations in bringing your brand or product to life.

Want to make your event or products come alive? Contact Gaston Management today to find out how our promotional teams can help you achieve a whole new level of brand awareness.