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Marketing Staff

Promotional Agency Melbourne, Sydney & Australia wide

Are you looking to engage your potential customers directly and drive sales and awareness through your promotional efforts? Gaston Management’s field marketing services specialize in directly approaching consumers and asking them to either sample your product or to listen to the details of the service you offer. Our marketing teams are smart, professional and can become a real asset to your sales strategy in of themselves.

Gaston’s marketing staff specializes in engaging the consumer and encouraging them to sample the product. The marketing staff end up being the selling points for your product by targeting the end user with field marketing services.

Gaston Management’s field Marketing Services can assist uour Promotional Campaign by doing The Following:

  • Promoting your product in Shopping centres, Supermarkets and Exhibitions
  • Ready to sample products are distributed personally
  • Product demonstration
  • In-store reporting

Given the correct materials (e.g. leaflets, posters, banners and the uniform of your company) Gaston’s Marketing Teams can become true brand ambassadors for our clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. They can help ensure that the appropriate amount of feedback is gathered which is vital for your company to effectively gauge the response of your target market and potential customers.

On site and in-store report collection refers to the process of evaluating the effectiveness of not only the marketing team’s performance but also to assess just how popular your products and marketing materials are. This can assist at converting your audience from interested bystanders to active customers.

For in-store Reporting you can expect us to collect The following information on your behalf:

  • Number of samples distributed
  • Age and sex of the consumers interested
  • Pros and cons of the product according to the target group
  • Product awareness and feedback on if the customer is interested in purchasing

So look no further than Gaston Management, a professional Field Marketing agency in Melbourne & Sydney. Our company’s field marketing teams are highly talented, skilled and available nationwide across Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney in Australia.